Monday, May 4, 2015

"You Are Unforgettable" Greeting Card

Hiya! Your heads must be reeling to see so many new projects in such a short time. Hee here -- sorry about that! This girl is on a roll!

I bought Prima's Romance Novel in an A9 size last year. I didn't use it because A: I didn't feel much like making anything paper-y last year, and B: I didn't know what to do with it. Last week I flipped through and saw the "unforgettable" panel and went "Aha!" Here's the result.

I love this card. There's something about the feel of it in my hands. It's a simple message to the receiver. "You are unforgettable".

Also in the Romance Novel pad was the hand. I cut a circle around it and glued it to thin chipboard. Once dried I cut carefully around the actual hand and tinted the edges brown. The stamp in the upper right was cut out and adhered to red card stock, then I used a tiny 1/16" hole punch to make the stamp  perforation thingies.

Inside is more sewn lace and a few flowers, with a nice big panel to write sweet nothings.

Here's the card with the matching gift box.

thanks for stopping in today! Maybe this will give you inspiration for your next Romance Novel project. If you ever have questions about how I do something, please feel free to ask. There's an email link on the side bar if you'd like, or here in the comments.


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Carmey said...

Absolutely gorgeous......