Thursday, December 19, 2019

Vintage Christmas Greeting Cards

Hello crafty friends! This month's Alpha Stamps kit is called Vintage Victorian Ornaments and is darling! Along with the gorgeous Vintage Saga papers, it comes with 2 wooden shapes that cried out for Christmas cards. (Er, I only heard the round ornament shape since the mitten shape was muffled... Get it? Muffled? Ok, even though I know I'm funny, I won't quit my day job...)

So, back to the kit we go!

This kit was perfect timing for my annual Christmas card projects. I pull out all the laces and flowers and pearly bits I don't usually use during the year and it resets my brain. Also, I like the sound of my sewing machine and pretty much only use it on non-clothing projects. Although, I did make about 8 pairs of flannel lounge pants one year... but I digress.

For the first wooden ornament, I traced it on the back of the Vintage Saga paper and cut it out a little outside my pencil lines. I used a sharp blade to cut most of the holes out knowing I'd be able to clean it up once glued to the ornie.

To make things a little easier, the second wooden ornie was glued to the back of the musical papers *then* cut out (once dried). I knew I'd use a gold Dresden scrap to mimic a metal ornament cap so no other cutting was necessary. I poked the hole with a pen tip, which pushed the excess paper through the hole neatly. I used White Adhesive Foam to raise the ornaments off the card surface. I love the dimension with these cards!

I lined up the "uplifted gates" gates text with the ornament shape and paired it with the Harp Charm and the angel paper. It works!

The mix of Flat-Back Pearls came handy to give it more details. I dotted the pearl location and used a bit of wax to pick up the pearls and place them on the glue dots.

More of the pretty papers inside, too!

I love how this ornament came out. Once the musical paper was dried and cut out, I used fine sandpaper to clean up the edges, and a brown brush marker to even out the edge color.  I trimmed a piece of Mixed Roses Dresden Scraps and adhered over the musical paper with a thin layer of Mod Podge (on the back of the roses, that is).

I used the Cotton Lace on both cards. This one has two strips sewn back-to-back to appear wider. Vintage green velvet ribbon from my stash topped the sewn edges for a pop of color.

The Wooden Cut-Outs - Numerals 25 got a watery coat of iridescent paint for just a hint of gold.

Thanks so much for your visit today! You can find all the wonderful Alpha Stamps supplies I've used HERE.

Happy holidays, friends!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Santa Is Coming - Let's Bake!

Hi crafty friends! I know it's only November, but Santa is coming! At least, he will if you've been a good boy or girl. ::nodnod:: So let's avoid the coal in our stockings, deck the halls, and start our Christmas baking!

This month's kit at Alpha Stamps is all about sharing the season's joy and filling our loved one's tummies. The Christmas Baking Treat Box Kit includes so much to tickle your (virtual) taste buds -- from minty candy canes to chocolatey cakes - all the yums without a single calorie!

If you peek through the windows, you can see wee Santa scenes. I used Santa's from the Tiny Christmas Windows Collage Sheet, with a little help from White Adhesive Foam.

I only needed a small amount of adhesive and wanted to use half the width. The adhesive is stick-to-your-scissors strong, so I stuck the cut pieces to a scrap paper left over from my shipping labels. Paper on both sides was much smoother to cut length-wise and easy to remove.

Thanks for your visit today! You can find all of my Alpha Stamps supplies at this link HERE. Happy baking everyone!


Saturday, October 26, 2019

Around the Skellie Neighborhood

Hello crafty friends!  I'm here today to share my latest Halloween-themed Alpha Stamps project. As you know, October's kit is Twilight, and I've used the fantastic Twilight papers found there to create this glimpse into the everyday life of The Skellingtons.  Come take a walk down the lane with me!

I've used linen hinging tape painted black to bind the houses together, and bits and pieces of the twilight papers to bring the houses to life.
Dresden trim of all sorts as well as gold paint highlight the roof lines.
The skeletons are fussy cut and adhered with white adhesive foam.  There are two layers of foam on a few to pop them up more than their companions.

To see all my Alpha Stamps used for the neighborhood, please visit my source list HERE.  Thanks for your visit today!  


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Alpha Stamps DT: Carnival of Curiosities

Hello crafty friends!  I'm here today to share my newest Alpha Stamps Design Team project made with the very cool tombstone accordion from the September Happy Halloween Kit

Welcome to the carnival.  Enter if you dare.

The entrance of this Carnival of Curiosities is made from a tombstone in the Large Chipboard Tombstone Set.  For now the black tulle ribbon is keeping the gate closed... what happens if you unlock it?

Lo and behold!  The tombstone accordion pulls out to reveal the oh-so-curious characters who ventured out to tonight's carnival. Don't get too close...

I wonder if the wolf at the end of the line has had dinner yet... Poor Mrs. Bat looks alarmed! If the line doesn't move soon some might be fighting like cats and dogs. Oh, and these next two are each looking down at their noses at everyone else... or just each other?

And finally, Mr. and Mrs. Mole really don't know what to think of this above-ground world. Someone should show them the entrance is in the other direction.

This was a fun project!  All of these elements were fussy-cut from Alpha Stamps collage sheets!  You can find all my supplies at this link HERE.  Thanks for you visit today.  Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Maisy the Cow

Hello crafty friends!  I'm over on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog, inviting you to join me down on the farm!

I've had this little rubber cow magnet for at least 25 years.  At some point it went from refrigerator to supply box, and now she's made her way back to the farm... or the cow pen.

I used the 3 x 3 Bagatelle Box.  I love these boxes since they are small but deep enough (for a milk bottle!).

I cut my farm-themed papers to size, then glued the box together.  Once it was dry I added the papers with Mod Podge.  Quick and easy!

And here she is, happy to be out of the supply box and back on the farm.

Thanks for your visit today!


Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
Bagatelle Box 3x3 #ED6E

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Edgar Allan Poe Tunnel Shadow Box

Hello crafty friends!  I'm here today to share a new project made with elements from the Alpha Stamps August Kit:  Tunnel Book!

The kit comes with great seasonal papers and timely sunflowers, but my 4x4 Arch Tunnel Book is a little darker with an Edgar Allan Poe theme.  Hey, I'm a Baltimore girl and I can't pass up a Poe project opportunity!

The design team will show you different ways to use the tunnel. I made mine into a shadow box.

To begin, I chose the center element first.  This photo shows how I rigged it up so I could see the chipboard layers and plan the elements.  (Note to self: put wee lights in the next tunnel book.)

I painted all pieces with black gesso, then decided to cover with papers.  The easiest for me was to paint the adhesive onto the tunnel panels, then put that onto the paper and allow to dry.

I cut the centers out with a straight edge on a self-healing mat. See how ragged they are?  My fix for that is sandpaper.  I used two grits - first was 320 to sand the paper up to the chipboard, then a finer grit of 600 (or higher) to "polish" the paper and get it ready for the next step.

Using sandpaper on your projects is a lot like using a good knife in the kitchen.  Choose the right tool and it will do the work for you.  You'll only need the smallest amount of pressure.  And maybe more patience.

White core on paper makes me squint and squish my nose, so I use the edge of a brush marker to color it in.  If you want to try this, keep light contact between the paper and marker -- the paper will soak up only what it needs.  Polishing the paper with the 600+ grit sandpaper keeps the sanded area from soaking up too much ink, so it's an important step.

I used the brush marker (brown or black) to color the edges of all the collage sheet elements.  When doing this, make sure you always come from behind, as I've done in the photo below.  It's easy to "fall off" the edge of the element (especially fussy cuts) and accidentally swipe a dark brush stroke on the surface.  Much better to have that on the back than the front!

Here's a view of the panels, ready for assembly.  The polka-dot panel is already attached to the Edgar panel (the back of the book).  I was a little eager and didn't photograph before putting those two together.

There are so many great motifs throughout Poe's writing.  Here I've included a raven, heart, cask, skull, and, of course, Lenore, all from Alpha Stamps collage sheets.  There's also a pendulum, eyes, premature burial, and doubles.  Oh... if only I'd used the 6x6 Arch Tunnel Book!  :)

Back to the project at hand, Susan... To create the space in between, I used layered strips of excess chipboard to separate the panels.  I save all kinds of board "just in case".  I'm not a pack rat... just a planner!

Once all the panels were attached, I covered the sides and back with heavy black card stock, and used the same for the top and bottom.

Thanks for your visit today!  You can view my complete Alpha Stamps supply list HERE.


Other supplies used
My Mind's Eye paper
Heavy black card stock
Mod Podge
White glue
Zig glue pen to adhere dresden trim
Gold paint pen around interior window openings
Black gesso and acrylic paint
Black Tombow brush marker

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Quiet Meadow

Hello crafty friends!  I'm over on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog today to share a quiet space with you.  Won't you join me there to see how I made it?

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
Bagatelle Box 3x4 #ED6F
Leafy Tree- Small #D14E