Sunday, March 13, 2011

Altered Ancestors Wrap Up - Finally!

Ok, so here are the last 3 pages of my Altered Ancestor project. For details and to see the first 8 pages, check out these posts:

Altered Ancestors Part 1
Altered Ancestors Part 2

Quickly: these are 4"x4" and the left side is blank for binding. This has been an incredible project for me and I'm so glad I participated. I shipped them all out to our swap coordinator Thursday and I miss them! Part of me can't believe they're gone and I'll never see them again. I poured my heart into each and every one of those little pages!

Sunny Disposition

 Heart on her Sleeve

 The Cure

There's a lot going on in that last one, eh? It's a whip in her hand... or is it a riding crop? We'll never know! Oh, and the silver pin in her hat says "secrets".


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Amelia said...

I absolutely love these! Where did you get the pieces from to make these?