Friday, March 20, 2015

Build A Line Challenge From B'Sue Boutiques, Final Post

Hello creatives! Wow, is it already the final post in the 3-month challenge? Time both dragged on and flew by, depending on my state of readiness at any given time.

The B'Sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge is to create a new line of jewelry with B'Sue supplies (of course!) consisting of at least 5 pieces. The line must be cohesive and recognizable as the Killam Creative brand. It should fall in a specific price range and be reproducible.

Easy peasy, right? Err... no. It was a fantastic challenge, but a challenge indeed!

I made it through with the support of 54 others building their own lines. You'll see the complete list of my cohorts at the end of this post. I'd love it if you could visit them, too!

What's My Line?

My line is called Flights Of Fancy. Fancy is a hummingbird who has extraordinary adventures and strong loves. Today I will share with you some of each. This first one finds Fancy in Paris. Oh la la!

Fancy Goes To Paris

It's barely visible in the photos, but Fancy is holding the Paris charm in her beak. Along the chain are pink, black and pearl glass beads. This is a fun and favorite color combination for me that "feels" chic. But then, I'm a child of the 80's, so..... The coordinating earrings feature the same black rounds and frosted pink Czech glass beads, as well as Eiffel Towers. Perhaps a "seine" from both the Left Bank and the Right Bank?

Yea, I know... really bad joke.

The next stops on Fancy's adventures are seasonal. In this first piece Fancy embraces spring just in time for today's equinox.

Fancy Welcomes Spring

The colors are subtle -- the filigree is white washed and the leaves have the barest touch of green. Nestled in the wee flower is a pink aurora borealis center. Fancy is wearing her teal and orange colors for this spring necklace.

Next up is Fancy's ode to summer. The custom colored vine is in full bloom and Fancy's own hand colored coat celebrates all the shades of a summer season. I don't know about you, but the "Summer Lovin'" song is now going through my head. (You're welcome!) 

Fancy's Summer Lovin'

Here's a view of the back.

Next I'd like to share one of Fancy's favorite hobbies -- singing! 

Inside the frame is a sheet of music paper coated with resin. Beautiful pearly notes swirl from Fancy's beak. I wonder what song she will be singing today!

Fancy Sings A Song

Last but not least (especially since this is only the beginning of the Flights Of Fancy) is my favorite piece in the collection. It's also the only one without a name, although it makes me think of our annual Baltimore Symphony Orchestra subscription. I always wear pearls, and she is, too!

It's funny for me to call this the favorite since I shy away --no, I RUN away-- from orange. This one just has my heart. I can imagine wearing it a lot during the summer!

Fancy is modeled after a Rufous hummingbird, which is mostly orange with touches of purple and white. Fancy is hand colored with acrylic paints. Her gorgeous filigree nest is colored with a combination of Gilder's Paste and acrylic paint. See the green pearl charm hanging from Fancy's pearl necklace? It matches the wee dangly earrings!

Fancy At The Symphony

Here's a view of the back filigree. It's also colored with a combination of Gilder's Paste and acrylic paint. This filigree is wired to the front piece for a lovely finished look.

The whole group together. Eventually I will have bracelets in the collection, as well as Fancy earrings. There's a lot in store for this adventuresome girl!

When this challenge came around I needed something new. I fell in love with the brass hummingbird stamping from B'Sues and thought I could make a go of a lower priced line to add to my Killam Creative Studio shop. My love of assemblage and 3D art fit well with the "collage/assemblage" type of jewelry I envisioned.

I didn't expect the bumps along the way and didn't anticipate the caring and supportive group of ladies I found myself amongst. This has been quite the adventure and I feel incredibly lucky to have them.

The necklaces will range from $30 to about $70, depending on the components used and whether or not coordinating earrings are included. I'm still considering actual prices, but these will be in the Studio shop in the next week or so. To be honest, I'll have a hard time listing the orange one... I should probably make one for myself soon. :)

Thanks so much for your support during the last three months! I'll be preparing for a paper-based project (cards, shadow boxes, altoid tins) show for the next month and will switch gears on the blog once again. Just like Fancy, it's always an adventure around here!

Here is a list of all the challenge participants. If you can, please visit everyone to see their new lines. We've all worked hard over the past 3 months to get to this point. Thank you!

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coral said...

I can see spring from your line. The color combination is so great. Fantastic line.

B'sue said...

Thank you so much for being a vital participant in our challenge and seeing it through til the end, even when the going got tough. I am amazed at the end result and the effort made by every last one. You have done an excellent job, Susan, and I have already pinned a couple of the photos to my Gallery of Inspiration so that others via Pinterest and my website at B'sue Boutiques. May Fancy fly high!

Anonymous said...

Susan I do not know how you get such intricate colors! You are really good at painting these tiny charms! I love Fancy singing the best though all of the pieces are really pretty. I can see lots of ways to add to your basic line and Fancy will fly far and wide.

Sweet Willow Designs said...

I love the way you carried the birds through your line in different adventures and seasons. So creative! Such a privilege to work with you and the other artists during this challenge. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Your line is so perfect for spring and summer! Beautiful colors!

WindDancerStudios said...

I knew I'd love Fancy's travels! You did wonderfully Susan and I can see why you love the sweet little orange Fancy!

DragonzWench said...

Your birds are fantastic, I love them.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, your designs are absolutely fabulous! The colors are especially wonderful. The line is delightful! Congratulations on a truly special line!

Marica Zammit said...

Fancy has taken flight!!! Yaaay :-) Susan, your line is exquisite.

Love the coloring you did. So refined. Your designs are stylish, unique but without being over the top. Love your line.

You did a wonderful job. I'll look forward to seeing more of Fancy :-)

All the best!

L Mahaffey said...

Beautiful work, Susan and a fantastic collection. You've got gorgeous results from all your hard work! Proud of you! XXOO

Unknown said...

What a beautiful hummingbird line. I have fallen in love.

Tammy Adams said...

Beautiful work. The coloring you did for the birds is fabulous. And your pieces look as good from the back as the front.

Anonymous said...

A lovely collection. That hummingbird is one of my favorite stampings and you have made such lovely pieces with her! Looking forward to seeing more of Fancy! Ingrid

Unknown said...

I love your painted birdies.

Susan Bowerman, Woodside WireWorks said...

Oh Susan, you nailed it. Miss Fancy is fancy indeed! Every piece is wonderful. My favorite piece is Fancy's debut into the world of music! Love, love, love that one the most, but love them all. Well done, Susan!

Nike E. Bottalico said...

Superb! I am in love with your work! Stunning color and design! Goodness! You took this and ran with the baton! Well done! I am so glad I was in this class with you and all the other women~

happy sales and great success


Lynda O'Mara said...

Susan--Well, I fell in love with the idea of Fancy from your very first blog and you (and she) did not disappoint! Your colorization is outstanding! It's so fun that each has a little story to go with it. Great job! (I''m not normally an orange person either, but you did a great job on that one and you should definitely make one for yourself to wear.) Congratulations!

Aurora Designs said...

Susan, I love what you've done with your sweet "Fancy"! She is a wonderfully adventurous hummer. You've come through like a champ, my friend! So happy to have taken this class with you, Susan.

Kristy Le Trendy Jewelry said...

Fancy is just delightful and is gloriously colored i really love her.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful line of jewelry you have created. I love the bird and his name. I really like how you used all of the brass components. Grat line!

Jann Tague said...

I so love your jewelry and your story .. GREAT JOB Susan <3

Unknown said...

Love the name of your jewelry as it is well thought out. Your line is lovely and I really like the story with each necklace. Great looking line.

Kat BM said...

The paint jobs in general and the 1st big necklace in specific are spectacular! I can really see this line going places, kudos!

Lori said...

I love how creatively you used some of the components. And the colors are spot on. Love.

Unknown said...

I can't tell you how much I love Fancy. "Fancy Sings a Song" is the sweetest thing.
I absolutely love your line. ~Melissa

Unknown said...

well, who wouldn't love to "Fly to Paris" So pretty and very well done. I think you have a winning combination on your hands!
Jjan- Stylized Vintage

Unknown said...

Susan, I have enjoyed every mention and image of Fancy! I don't know how you can choose a favorite! I dearly love the ones with blue, but your "orange" one would work really well with a peach or apricot top, but especially on a pale blue so she'd be flying through the sky! Such a gorgeous collection. I'm sure she'll fly off your shelves :)

Unknown said...

Susan, your post is terrific! Great story and of course, the necklaces are fabulous. This is really inspired! You and Fancy are ready to spread your wings!
I've really enjoyed participating in the BALC and look forward to more adventures with you both.

WilyWolverine said...

Wow--I just LOVE Fancy and her flights! I think my top fave is Ode to Summer Lovin' cuz of the colors and all! But I can see why your fave is your pick--I just love the way she sits in her filigree on that one. You've done a FANTASTIC job! Now I want to go visit your shops and see your paper and mixed media art too! :):)

Unlimited Inspiration For You Too! said...

Oh Susan your jewelry line is beyond stunning!!! You have such an amazing way of creating such brilliant detail to all of your artwork!!!The colors on each one of your pieces is just magical. Fancy is always so elegant in each piece that you design.Thank you deeply for your priceless words of encouragement and I am so vey honored to have enjoyed this adventure with the gift of you!! ~Louise

Unknown said...

Fancy looks amazing in all her travels! Lovely line, congratulations!

Unknown said...

You have a great line going! The colors you achieved are wonderful; such fun!