Thursday, February 19, 2015

Build A Line Challenge from B'Sue Boutiques, Part Two

Hiya creative folks! Today is the second installment of the B'Sue Boutiques "Build A Line Challenge". (Click here to see my first post if you'd like to read from the beginning.)

The challenge is simply to create a new line of jewelry, consisting of at least 5 different pieces that are cohesive and recognizable as the Killam Creative brand. I say "simply" but this has been nothing near simple. As I suspected would happen, my creativity has been stretched and I've learned about loads of new techniques. It's been great to experiment with new mediums and a bonus to discover new uses for products I already have on the shelf.

A goal for each of the challenge participants is to keep within a certain retail price point. For many of us this means simplifying (there's that word again) our typical style. If you know my paper-based works you'll know I don't design simple. I thrive on over-the-top, layered, finely detailed projects! 

Another goal is to design the items in such a way that they can be reproduced easily. Many of the challenge participants usually choose to make one-of-a-kind (OOAK) jewelry, as I've always made OOAK projects. For us to tackle simple and reproducible and pricepoint specific... challenges indeed!

So, these:
  1. Simple
  2. Price point specific 
  3. Reproducible
With that, I give you the current  Flights Of Fancy line. 

In my last post you saw this version of Fancy:

She is a wee girl at 1 3/4" long. I still want to perch her on this filigree with some kind of (smaller) greens and that lovely trumpet flower configuration. I'll attach a simple chain for a lovely necklace.

Next, we have a a 3" long Fancy in a more dramatic coloring. She's modeled after a brightly colored Rofous Hummingbird with oranges and purples. She's delightful!

She's perched (temporarily for now) on a gorgeous large raw brass filigree which has been custom colored with Gilder's Paste and acrylic paint. 

Fancy Attends The Symphony

I'm still deciding which chain to use for her, and how/if to adorn the base any more. It has been interesting to be working with that retail price point in mind, that's for sure! 

I have another 3" Fancy to share. She's on a small crescent shaped necklace blank, which I've stamped with music notes and sealed.

Fancy Sings A Song

I'm considering giving her a whopping big flower on the chain -- the scale is actually better in person than in the photo. 

The Flights Of Fancy line will have themed pieces, including bracelets and brooches as well as necklaces.

Possible themes so far:

Fancy Sings A Song
Fancy Attends The Symphony
Fancy Travels
Fancy In Paris
A Winter's Fancy

This challenge has a private Facebook group which has been an incredible source of inspiration for me and many others involved. We've had serious discussions about design fundamentals, fashion trends and pricing, as well as the importance of the pyramid model practiced by the likes of Louis Vuitton as well as many other high end brands.

I encourage you to join B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group on Facebook, where all of her customers are welcomed to gather. It's a warm, welcoming group. If you are into a little shopping and haven't discovered B'Sue Boutiques yet, click here

Please join my fellow challenge members to see how they have done in the past month. We have one more month together!

Thank YOU for joining ME!


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Marica Zammit said...

Wow Susan - Fancy is "wearing" some gorgeous outfits :-) Gorgeous gorgeous colors.

I especially like the colors on the last one you shared.

Your line is going to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

I am blown away by your gorgeous colors! However do you do it? Am also loving your themes, especially Fancy in Paris, LOL. Beautiful work.

Susan Bowerman, Woodside WireWorks said...

Fancy is a dapper little dancer! Oh how beautiful, Susan. Love your blog, love your colors, everything is just perfect! Looking forward to seeing the next "Flight of Fancy!"

L Mahaffey said...

Love the big blue flower addition!
Your pieces are looking gorgeous.
I also love the irony in trying to keep a line 'simple' but naming it 'Fancy'! :-D

Anonymous said...

Love your coloring. The birds are so lovely. Looking forward to seeing the completed line!~Ingrid

Unknown said...

I love all the colors used in your birds there also beautiful

Unknown said...

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Fancy is darling! The coloring you have done is amazing. I adore your theme and can't wait for more!

B'sue said...

Fly on Fancy! You've just got all sorts of ideas for her! Each can be lines until OMG! You have a full fledged collection. I believe you've got it nailed, Susan.

Lori said...

Those little birdies are soooooo cool! Very pretty and fun.

WindDancerStudios said...

Fancy is wearing some gorgeous colors I agree with Marcia 100% Really looking forward to the finished works!

Unknown said...

Yes!! I love the big blue flower on the chain with that particular Fancy. And what a great idea! There are so many expansion opportunities. Fancy celebrates Christmas, Fancy gets Married, Fancy meets her Valentine, Fancy takes Tea!! Ok. I'll shut up. But you've just inspired me with Fancy and I suppose that's a good thing. You could even take special orders from Customers about what they would like Fancy to be doing. And you've colored her so beautifully and given her gorgeous supporting environments. I think you've got yourself a Winner, here!

Nike E. Bottalico said...

gorgeous pieces and colors, cannot wait to see your full line! Love the names!

Unlimited Inspiration For You Too! said...

Susan you are doing an outstanding job with your line. The colors that you use are so radiant and your blog is a great fun read for sure!!!!!! Yippppee for you Susan just beautiful!!

Tammy Adams said...

Beautiful. Each of your Fancy little birds is colored so well. I love the titles you're coming up with too. Great work.

Unknown said...

Oh, you have got this one, Susan! I love seeing what Fancy is up to for each hop. Those hummingbirds are real works of art. You've got a gift for jewelry making, and a great looking blog to show it off.

Kristy Le Trendy Jewelry said...

I just love Fancy and her many facets and your color pallets are just wonderful as well. I can't wait to see what else you come up whir for Fancy's travels. Great post! XOXO!

Unknown said...

I'm a hummingbird fan and love what you're doing with Fancy! The colors you've chosen are gorgeous and I love your necklace design with the big blue flower!

Kat BM said...

The coloration on the fancy singing bird, its really lovely... the shading on it is excellent! I think your line will catch many a gal's fancy!

Unknown said...

Well, Fancy that!!! Clever and beautiful. I think Fancy is a real winner. Well done Susan!

Scraps of Elegance said...

I'm drooling over these showstoppers.

Linda A. said...

beautiful pieces and masterful work with gilders paste. =) i'm a newbie to it, so excited to see someone use it well. =)

great work!

Sweet Willow Designs said...

The placement of the humming bird and how the flower is slightly up the chain is really beautiful and evocative of a hummingbird in flight. Very nice.

Carole said...

Your colorful birds are just delightful.

Aurora Designs said...

Susan, I just love your "Fancy" girl!! She's so pretty and I love her connection to music!

Gloria Allen said...

Please to meet fancy, I too had themes in my mind designing pieces. Love your colors see you at the next hop.

Unknown said...

You have really hit it out of the park with "Fancy," the possibilities are endless! I admire your artistic ability with coloring the brass, very nice! Looking forward to seeing your finished line!

Unknown said...

WOW!!! Love the multi colored hummingbird! Adore your names! Can't wait to see your finished line!

Lynda O'Mara said...

Susan--I loved Fancy and your theme from the first blog hop and you have not disappointed. Your coloring of Fancy is gorgeous! So well done! I also like your other ideas for Fancy, too. Very whimsical and fun. Looking forward to seeing more!

Unknown said...

Fancy is an amazing bird, kind of like the lady who's designing him! Your use of this simple little bird, just that one piece to inspire so many other beautiful ones is evidence of your gift as an artist & designer. It's your coloring and imagination that makes each piece beautifully unique.

Unknown said...

You do a great job of explaining the challenge and your process - can't wait to see the finished line!

DragonzWench said...

What a pretty bird "Fancy" is and having such a fun time.

WilyWolverine said...

I just love the names for Fancy: visits the symphony, goes to Paris, travels and so on! And the colors on your birds are so so lovely. Looking forward to seeing the whole line of price points and variations!!! :):)

Unknown said...

Susan I just love Fancy!!! Great Theme and I love the components you are using! Beautiful colors and concept! Have A Blessed Day!!!

MadScientistsDesigns said...

Fancy is looking good. I especially like the colorful bottom picture. :-) ~Elizabeth

Jann Tague said...

Sweet Fancy .. love everything about her and your other sweet birdie's .. Looking forward to March 20th to see much more .. Hugs

Pamela said...

I love what you're doing with Fancy, Susan! Lovely colors on the birds, and great designs ... can't wait to see your finished line!

Unknown said...

Love your Fancy designs. They are beautiful. Really looking forward to seeing the whole line of designs.

Miss Swish said...

Much scope for a line from your beautifully coloured birds. Look forward to seeing what you do! Linzi

Freestyle Elements said...

Oh, I am so excited about Fancy. Who, what, and where is Fancy going to see next? How will she look when she gets there? Awesome line!! Gina H