Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa's Elf Updated!

I collect ornament kits from The Cracker Box. I'm making this one as a gift. :) Shhh... the receiver might be reading... *wink*

I hope everyone is enjoying a happy holiday season.

OK - here it is January 11th and I'm finally getting around to sharing finished photos of the beautiful Cracker Box kit ornament. I gave it to my brother and his new wife for Christmas!

Finished with stand
Detail of the main decoration, repeated on the other side

I love these kits but they take so much time to make. I logged 10 hours with this one, and the most intricate one I've made took 22 hours. I never keep them - they are always made as wedding gifts. As much as I respect the time and thought that goes into a wedding registry, I ignore it and make a keepsake instead. :)


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How beautiful..just lovely.Thank you for sharing.

susan s.