Saturday, February 6, 2010

michelleperkettstudioblog hop

Hi, this is Susan's mother-in-law updating ya'll -Susan has no power, no computer, but plenty of snow!  She's unable to post her love letter, so please hop on over to the next blog.  Thanks to everyone - Joyce


Michelle said...

Hi Joyce! so sorry that Susans power is out! We will miss her!! Thanks for letting us know!:)

The next stop will be Sammi's blog:

~Jeri~ said...

Awww so sorry Susan is without power. I've been there before and its no fun, but how sweet of you to post the lil update for her!! Thank you!

ileana said...

Hi Susan! hope everything goes back to normal soon. Take care!

Anjou Krelovich said...

Hi Susan! We have plenty of snow too but at least we didn't loose power. Thinking of you and hoping you get it back soon! Hugs, Anjou

Pattie G said...

So sorry Susan. I was looking forward to seeing your creation.


fairie said...

Oh no. I hope everything is fine for her.

xoxo hugz

Scrapishments said...

Hi Susan, I saw on the news that you got a lot of snow there! I was wondering how you are doing?! I hope you get your power back soon so things can get back to normal! Take care and stay warm! :)