Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Etsy and the Tooth Fairy


So, my first Etsy uploads are starting to expire. It's surprising to me that I jumped into that world *only* 4 months ago. I'm 'thinking' or 'doing' constantly to further my efforts that I'm taken aback at my short little timeline. Card-making started years before this, of course, but I never put myself out there until this summer. I have been in excellent company from the first day! I love reading your blogs and I'm gobsmacked daily by your talents. Thanks to you, I've learned so many new techniques and have broadened my design horizons. After all, Kleenex turned into a pretty good ruffle, didn't it?

I'll renew some of those expired listings over the next day or two. It's another 20¢ per card for another 4 months. Staggering the renewal keeps me close to the quickly-changing first page on a Handmade Card search. Phew, that's a place a card could stay on for hours "back in the day", now it's relegated to deeper pages within minutes. I'm not sure what I'll do with the cards I don't renew. My style has changed so much that I feel they don't really represent me anymore. Maybe I'll do a Sale basket at my Thanksgiving show and see what happens. Or donate to a church bazaar. Suggestions?

Here's a special-order Tooth Fairy card, made for an adorable little boy called Jack.
The airplane paper is Cosmo Cricket - Oh, how I love Cosmo Cricket! The vintage airplane charm is Blue Moon and the chain is a vintage bit passed down from Grandma's stash. The star paper is actually a pocket for Official Tooth Fairy Business. *wink* I really hope Mom likes it!

Cheers, and thanks for visiting today!


queen-of-nostalgia said...

I know what you mean about Etsy :) Renewing, and trying to stay current and all that :) I love your cards! And I adore Cosmo Cricket :)


Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Thanks, Kristen! Have you found Graphic 45 and Websters Pages paper and such? They have this yummy vintage feel. I just discovered them, so of course I have to spread the word!

By the way, and by no means an afterthought, I love your cards, too. :)


Colleen { HappyLittleArt } said...


Love this card! Adorable and Im sure the Jack's Mum will love it!!

Have you ever tried the advertising on etsy? I havent...wonder if its worth the money?


Edith said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for your kind comments on my cards!
You asked me about what glossy I use. It is All Night Media Liquid Embossing. If you need more than one coat, you have to let dry the first. It works really well!

I love this card!