Monday, October 12, 2009

eBay Halloween Scrapbook Layout

Hellooo! So I got down to business and finished my Halloween "tear bear" layout. Phew! This one took a long time and I'm glad it's complete. It's not a particularly complicated layout, but I was stumped over and over when I looked at the house on the original background paper. It was dark, gloomy and uninviting to work on. (It was a dark gray paper with subtle lighter gray flourishes.) I just happened to lay this orange paper near the house and the house popped! After that I *wanted* to work on it, and it all came together in a few days.

I tried a new technique on the bears and found it easier, with better results. Instead of wet-tearing the bear parts, I "drew" bear parts on the back of the paper with an embossing tool (which is not new for me) and then tore the parts from dry paper. I then used the softer brush in my brush set to fluff and stuff, with better results that my wet-tearing efforts. It was faster, too.

Anyway, here are photos of the layout:

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Edith said...

There is a lot of work here, Susan! Really beautiful pages! I love little bears:)