Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Won!

I am all atwitter right now - I won a Molly Lee giveaway on the Etsy Greetings blog! Molly makes incredible interactive cards and some pretty amazing pop-ups. There are two spinning "3 Reasons" cards where I write in the blanks 3 of the many reason the recipient is fabulous, and an amazing flying pig pop-up. *That* card is going on my inspiration shelf (when the awesome Husband puts it up *hint hint*).

My Winnings:

Check out Molly's Etsy site - she's got the funniest interactive beer buddy, too. And our Etsy Greetings blog is jam packed with spectacular card artists with a weekly giveaway. Hope to see you there!



craftypagan said...

Ooooo well done hun! Enjoy! Thank you so much for your sweet comments-I am very flattered-I love your work too! I've become a follower now so I don't miss anything! Hugs, Rowena

Holly Young said...

Hi Susan. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the squigglefly blog hop. I've looked around your blog a bit and you've made some wonderful things! I think your scrap book layout with the tear bear is just awesomely creative!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending me to Molly's site. She had THE perfect card for my friend who is beginning chemo!