Friday, September 25, 2009

Do You Know Craftgawker?

Craftgawker came about from Foodgawker fans who wanted to see, well, handmade crafts. Both sites feature beautiful photography and are inspiring for my tummy *and* my creativity!

I joined (it's free) and submitted my two latest cards. They pondered and thought and thought and pondered until they finally decided my Chubby Fairy was worthy. Hear that? I'm worthy! *grin*

Clicky here to go directly to the "Paper Goods" page, where you will see my lovely! She's image #5590 and can also be found on the front page.




craftypagan said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for sharing this site! So cool! Well done on being featured, that card is so fab though tis not a surprise!

Chelsea said...

Wow! congrats Susan! How cool is that? They should have feature all your cards!!! Thanks for sharing the link! :)Chelsea

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Aww, thanks girls! You're the best!