Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beach Album And Keepsake Box, Graphic 45 "On The Boardwalk"

Hello beach bums! Ok, maybe not all of you are beach bums... I'm not either. Even though I'm 30 minutes from the ocean, this pale face skips the beach during the summer. I don't look --or feel-- good in a bright red skin tone. :P

I have a vintage beach themed accordion album and keepsake box to share with you. It's made from Graphic 45's "On The Boardwalk" papers and a G45 Staples box.

Click the photos for a larger view. I love this box. Teal excites me, and add touches of orange and lime and I'm vibrating! See the polka dot beach umbrella in the top left corner? It's custom made for the box.

Since the front panel has the two open frames, I tailored the inside panel to give the bathing beauty a nice background. Speaking of her, in order to keep her from getting squished or bent with handling, I roughly cut around her and glued that to a pieces of thin cardboard. Once dry I carefully cut around her with my super sharp scissors. She has stability!

Inside is an accordion-style mini album. The front is layered in my usual fashion and has a similar twirly "on the boardwalk" flag as the box front.

Here's a view of the inside panels. There are 4 pockets for printed photos and ephemera.

Click for a bigger view

This was a fun project for me. I hope you like it, too! Here's a quick link to it in my Etsy paper shop.

Thank you for your visit today.  I hope your summer is starting off with a great fun bang!


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