Vintage Assemblage Jewelry

As a vintage costume jewelry dealer, I often come across pieces that cannot be repaired.  I save the components and give them new life as assemblage jewelry.  I am always on the hunt for interesting bits and pieces!  You are invited to visit my jewelry shop:, and my vintage jewelry and accessories shop here:

Here is a sampling of my style.

Cloisonne and faceted glass.

Czech teardrops and Japanese glass pearls.

A rainbow of reclaimed vintage glass beads.

Mid-century Delizza & Elster buckle-cum-statement necklace.

Delightful green and white speckled glass beads and vintage chain links.

Vintage glass pearls and foiled glass beads hand-wired to a filigree base.

Delicate and strong.

Modern hand-painted onyx bead set off with
vintage black glass and filigree beads. Sold.

Italian wedding cake beads paired with 1950s dimpled glass darlings.

In true Haskell style, all components were hand-wired onto a
large filigree base.  This necklace won the first-place prize for the
Haskell-inspired competition sponsored by the
online bead shop, A Grain of Sand.

SVA CVIQVE PERSONA.  To each his own mask.
A Russian hand-painted mother-of-pearl bead on a chain made of
vintage glass beads, with  tiny m-o-p teardrops. 

Bronze medallion with fantastic mid-century leopard spot
art glass beads.

Modern artisan hand-painted frog on onyx bead.

English-cut red glass beads and mid-century dimpled glass pearls.

Reclaimed Czech faceted glass beads with a vintage brass button.

Mother-of-pearl buckle and vintage rosary-style beaded chains.

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