Tuesday, May 20, 2014

London Souvenir

Hiya folks! Today is my birthday so I'm celebrating by spending the whole day in the studio. I put the finishing touches on the project I'm sharing today, will start an altered spool thingy I'm kicking around in the noggin, AND working on an ongoing 12 Days of Christmas piece. 

That's the plan, anyway. Oh, oh! It will all be done guilt free, too! Yes, I'll let the doggy out as needed, but otherwise my butt is in the studio guilt free.

So, on with the sharing!

Last year I took classes at The Queen's Ink with Anna Dabrowska a/k/a Finnabair. I was thrilled to be there and learn about mediums I've never used. One of the classes was supposed to use a (supplied) chipboard rocking horse, but I knew I didn't want that... so I gathered bits and pieces along a theme. It turned out -as the only one who struck out on their own instead of copying Finn's project- I swam upstream in that class. No worries. I have a thick skin and am proud of this meaningful project. 

 The Husband and I went to London for our anniversary. As we waited for the management company to bring us our Covent Garden flat key, we hung out next to this row of phone booths.

The "Keep Calm" ATC is one of a bunch I made to trade. Of course I kept one for myself. I used an Artistic Outpost Union Jack stamp with Lumiere Pearl Blue and Crimson paints. The Keep Calm panel was made to look like crazed china. 

The phone booth in the project is from Jolee's. I'd been hoarding it for years, waiting for the right project. The metal clock and a lot of the metal pieces throughout were supplied with the class. I bought a huge lot of clock hands off Etsy for very little money. I think it will be the best $12 I've ever  spent!

In her classes, Finn guides students in using an assortment of adhesives, molding materials, paints and sprays. None of which I'd used in this way before, so it was good for me.  

The lion knocker was a perfect find in the store. The handles moves! I brought the crown in the photo below; all other bits were class kit supplies.

This last photo is my favorite detail of the piece. I used Scrabble tiles and Dominoes to show it was our 15 year anniversary. The wee little lion was from my sister ages ago.

Thanks for visiting today!