About Me

Hello everyone! I've been a fine art photographer from the tender age of 13 (oh, so many years ago!), and started paper crafting about 6 years ago. It began with the intent of collecting all the bits and bobs of life into scrapbooks, morphed into greeting cards and has evolved into the all-encompassing "mixed media and altered art" in a BIG way. :) Sadly, the scrapbooks have taken a back seat for now. I love working with details and layering - someone called it "fussy cutting". Love that term!

I have an Etsy mixed media and pin shop called Killam Creative and a fine jewelry shop (Killam Creative/Studio) for my other creative outlet. In both cases, doing the detail work is my absolute pleasure and I had to find a way to "move" all of these projects out of my house, hence the shops. *grin* 

After I started adding beaded pins to my projects I had many requests for them. Now my handmade scrapbook pin sets and hat pins are found prominently in my Etsy shop. Most of the paper-based projects on this blog are available for purchase - just shoot me an email from the link on my sidebar. It sometimes takes me a while to get a finished project in the shop and they don't tend to stick around long. If you see something here I can reserve it for you.

I absolutely love our paper crafting community.

I'm amazed at the wonderful, inspirational projects I see every day. Just when I think "how many ways can you cut paper?" I click another link and my jaw drops. Really, there are infinite ways to cut paper and you *all* are incredibly inspiring! I believe sharing is important to the community's growth - if you ever have a question about my techniques, just ask!