Silver Jewelry

My jewelry is based on the ancient art of chainmaille with a soft, feminine twist. Most of my work is done in Argentium Silver (.930) or Sterling Silver (.925). Both Sterling and Argentium silvers are blends of pure silver and other metals. The copper that is usually blended to make "Sterling" silver reacts with air quickly to create tarnish on the surface. Argentium silver contains more pure silver blended with germanium and is almost tarnish free.

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I think Byzantine is my second favorite of all the weaves. Years (and years and years) ago my husband (boyfriend at the time) gave me a gorgeous silver Byzantine weave bracelet. I've worn it regularly - perhaps my interest in chainmaille stems from that gift? I do love it so.

This weave is called "Full Persian". The safety box clasp is a fun shiny dome! This pattern is a tricky one to start, but once you get going the weaving is quick-ish. :)

This is a Japanese weave called Hodo. Notice the large rings are offset, almost as if they are stepping stones down a garden path. It's my favorite weave by far! 

Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) with a lovely sterling silver safety box clasp and my signature heart charm.

This beauty is another Japanese weave that evokes "lace". The bracelet is very slinky and feels luxurious on your wrist.This baby is sold but I didn't want to delete it because I haven't made a replacement and I love it so. :)

This is a petite Byzantine weave interrupted by large double rings. It's quite sturdy and perfect for everyday wear.

I have a couple of earrings, too. These are favorites. :)


Here is my new line of dangle bracelets. I feel in love with them on Etsy and decided to make my own to wear, and now they are available in the shop. They are so much fun to wear!


"Sand and Sea"

"Peaches and Cream"

Plus, there's this crazy cool neon pink Swarovski pearl and crystal set.
So very summery!


Anonymous said...

Your chainmaille work is gorgeous! I am curious, does the Hodo bracelet keep it's shape when worn? I've attempted that weave before and the piece just looked like blah when worn.

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Hi Leen - Thanks so much! Have you used Rebeca Mojica's Hodo patten? It lays beautifully and doesn't back up on itself.