Monday, September 17, 2018

Apothecary Cabinet

Hello crafty friends! Today I'm sharing an apothecary cabinet made with one of the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts' fabulous hinged boxes.  Come see the treasures inside!

This apothecary cabinet comes with a shelf for the center middle and a drawer for the center bottom -- I have left both of these out.  I glued the pieces together with white craft glue and allowed to dry.

I wanted the hinge holes set before I painted or papered (haven't decided which way to go yet).  I laid the hinges in place, marked the brad holes with a pencil, then used a tool to poke the holes.  I attached them to make sure the cabinet doors hung evenly, then removed for later use.

I measured the harlequin paper for the back center and painted all sides with black acrylic paint.

In this next photo I have attached the back harlequin paper and the door front/side papers.   This allowed me to attach the hinges permanently.  Now that it stands, I gathered bits and started the inside design.  During this, I realized I wanted to paper the insides.

The papers are cut and scored, but I added front door handle holes first.  (I didn't end up using the handles but was able to disguise the holes on the front with black Dresden trim.)

In this photo, I've added the inside papers with Mod Podge.  After that dried, I coated all sides with matte varnish.  Time to fill the shelves!

The label on the tall bottle is a rub-on.  I carefully dabbed wet glue all over the glass bottle for a frosted effect.

Thanks for your visit today!  I hope you are inspired by all the designers over on the GSLC blog.

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
Apothecary Cabinet for Larger Bottles #C45AL

Other Supplies Used
White craft glue
Black acrylic paint
Designer scrapbook papers
Liquitex Varnish - Matte
Assorted bottles and bits
7 Gypsies labels rub-on