Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Craftster Meetup and Tin Swapping Fun!

Hiya crafty folks! I've been MIA for a while as I worked on my swapping tins and prepared for a long weekend that went way too fast.

You might have read about Craftster on these pages. I hang out there with a bunch of incredibly talented and fun people, one of which is my big sister, Cackle. :) She lives in a small town in southern Virginia near another Craftster member called MissingWillow. Last weekend a third member - Rackycoo - drove up from the deep south and I drove down from Maryland for a wild weekend of food, laughter and junk shopping. It was so much fun!

Because we swap on Craftster we decided to swap for this weekend. Everyone picked a theme and the others had the choice of using matchboxes, tins or ATC's. Our themes were zombie sheep, butterflies, mermaids, and child beauty pageants. What an assortment!

Here's a closer peek at the tins made for my butterfly theme.

Aren't they gorgeous?! From left to right - an embroidered pincushion in a tin by MissingWillow, a fairy butterfly by Cackle, and a butterfly garden in a mini tin by Rackycoo. I couldn't be happier with these lovelies!

I have much to share about the weekend, so click the "click here for lots more" link below for food and farm life!

Friday afternoon MissingWillow and I drooled kept Cackle company while she made her famous chocolate cake. She says MW and I forced her to make it 6 layers, but I think it was with very little arm-twisting! Oh my, buttercream icing and ganache heaven!

MissingWillow might have taste tested while Cackle turned her back...

Friday evening we had Cackle's quesadilla appetizers with mushrooms (see the cosmo in the corner? They were divine!) ...

MissingWillow's farm fresh bites...

Cackle's gorgeous gumbo and lots of wonderful wines...

Saturday we went "junk" shopping at a few of Cackle and MW's favorite haunts. Saturday evening we pulled on jeans and farm shoes and headed out to Missing Willow Farm!

I milked a goat!

Baby Summer finished mom off...

... and then came to me for dessert...

Cackle gathered eggs in the chicken house...

... and we fed Jessica the cow a tasty green treat!

How sweet is this baby?

Saturday night MW and Mr. Willow cooked an incredible meal for us, but I didn't take a single photo. I think I was still riding high from the farm animals and getting over a fear of "farm dirt". *grin* 

Thanks so much to Cackle and MissingWillow for opening up their homes and farm to Rackycoo, Mr. 'Coo, and I. It was a wonderful weekend! 


P.S. - I'll post photos of the tins & ATC I made for the swap soon! :)


scrappymo! said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend with family and good friends!

Judy said...

Wow, I wish I could have been there too... Sounds like it was fabulouse, and that cake is to die for.