Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone With Finnabair

Hiya folks! Tuesday and Wednesday I took three workshops with Anna Dabrowska, aka Finnabair at The Queen's Ink in Savage, Maryland. It was an amazing experience and I learned great new skills.

I want to share all my projects, but it'll be out of order. The first day workshop journal still needs a little work on front for my satisfaction, so I'll save it for later.

So onto the Wednesday morning "Imagine" collage workshop, for which we needed to bring a photo to work around. I brought a recent photo of myself and made a personal collage!

I hope you can see the green, blue and gold shimmers
on the shadowy side. Here are a few of my favorite details:

Under the watch swirly thing is a message to myself: Create, Live, Love


This little plaque says Live the life you've imagined.
 It's an extra special sentiment for me since I've recognized that 2013 has been spent
fantasizing more about finished products than actually finishing them.

Or in some cases, not even starting them. 

I learned SO MUCH in these workshops and really stepped out of my comfort zone. I've never liked getting messy and really hated the cleanup. Wow, after these two exhausting and exhiliarating days, my eyes have been opened and my mind freed to let it roll!

Thanks for visiting today. I'll share the other two workshops soon!



L Mahaffey said...

Gorgeous! Yay for stop, papier mache!

Creative Grammie said...

What a beautiful collage! You did an excellent creation! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you did a beautiful job!

Nichola said...

That collage is wonderful! The colours are magnificent. Is it done on canvas?