Monday, October 1, 2012

Custom Invitations

Hiya crafty peeps! Here's a small stack of finished invitations on a big order. I have a wee bit over a hundred more to make and I'm thinking it will be one heck of a festive event!

I'm hoping to eek out a few more Halloween projects in the next week. I think the invitation process is streamlined enough that I can afford the time to get a little more spooky. Maybe... :)

I hope your creative juices are flowing!



505whimsygirl said...

Hi Susan,

Holy moly -- 100 more to go?!? It looks like a sock hop themed party. I bet it'll be a blast!

As for my creative juices - well, they have kind of been busy.... but more on how to make my house look more organized than what it really is!


Amanda said...

Wow that's some production line. I wouldn't have the attention span for all those, so good on you. They look really good!