Friday, April 27, 2012

Magnificent Men a la Sarah Engels-Greer

Hello! While I've been buzzing away the last few weeks it seems I haven't shown you any completed projects. Gah! I've been making hundreds of hat pins but cutting very little paper. *sigh* How does this happen?

Anyway, I have a story to tell you. Christmas 2010 I "gave" my Husband his library, a large room off our bedroom that really had no purpose. We had a wall of bookcases and a chair, but not much else. While he was at work one day I outfitted the room with library-type stuff including a 12' rug, library table, more furniture and assorted other bits and pieces. It turned out beautifully!

So, how does one top *that*?

Last December, as I'm floundering away at finding The Perfect Gift for my husband, I ran across a project made by Sarah Engels-Greer. The sky lit up and I could hear the angels singing! Of course, I could make something for the library!

I tried to take inspiration and make my own but her original design is so darn perfect for Husband's space that I couldn't "improve" on it. Sarah and I emailed about it a few months ago and she gave me her blessing to post. I've waited until after her piece was published in Craft Stamper to show mine. It's important to both of us that credit goes to her for original design. Please visit her blog (you'll never want to leave!) to see gorgeous details about her Magnificent Men!

So, without further ado, here are my Magnificent Men:

The box is Configurations with the acrylic front

Left side close-up

Right side close-up

On the bookcase

This project was an incredible amount of work - Sarah called it a "labor of love" and I definitely agree. It took a long time to make but it was worth it. Thanks Sarah!

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Jill said...

Fantastic work Susan and well worth all the time as it is a real keepsake!
Fabulous and creative, like always
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...

HOORAY - IT'S HERE! So glad you can finally share it and I hope you are still very proud indeed. It is looking mighty fine in the Library! You have done a true sterling job and I am very grateful for your 'shout' too - and very kosher way of doing things. Thank you. Stay inspired and have a good week! Sarah.