Friday, September 16, 2011

Etsy Greetings Team Card Swap

Card swap favorite

Hiya crafty bloggers! Today I want to share a little fun we're having at the Etsy Greetings Team. We're a group of over 100 Etsy greeting card sellers who get together online and share advice on selling, buying and sometimes life in general. It's a great group of individuals from all over the world!

Unless we buy each other's cards, we don't get to see what's out there beyond the computer screen. A group of us got together and decided to swap cards just for the fun of it. Lucky me - I'm the swap coordinator  and everyone is sending me packages of lovely handmade goodness! It's been like Christmas over the last few weeks. Check this out:

25 Etsy shops sent cards - can you believe it?

I'm waiting for one more package to arrive and then I get to sort and send back to the participants. Each shop sent 5 or 10 cards and will receive the same amount in return, but from all different shops. I signed up for 5 so I made five and get to pick 5 from other shops. Oh, the decisions will be difficult!

Here are the five I made:

I wanted to make cards that could be sent through the mail in standard envelopes rather than my non-standard boxes. I've been sitting on the DCWV Mariposa paper stack for months, just waiting for the right project to come along. This was it.

The stack includes 2 of each sheet, so I was able to layer the butterflies for a little 3D effect. The antennae are made from black jewelry wire. The card fronts are layered and sewn, and the insides are blank. I haven't weighed them yet, but I hope they can be mailed with a single stamp.

I absolutely adore these and will be sorry to see them go. The one featured at the top of this post is my favorite. Luckily the papers are still available in stores... I just might have to get more to make my own. *grin*

If you would like to know more about our team, check out our blog. Every day a new card is featured and you'll find a list of member bloggers on the right side! If you'd like to know all of our shops and join our merry band, this page has the low down. And any time you're browsing around Etsy you can find an assortment of our offerings by typing etsygreetingsteam in the search bar.

Thanks for visiting today, and thanks to all my Etsy Greetings Team friends - your cards will be in the mail soon!



Kimberly Costa said...

These are beautiful!!! Can't wait to get my cards! :)

ij said...

those are awesome! wish i had participated this time around. can't wait to see what other folks got!

Tricia Rush Richner said...

So cool. Can't wait to get myself some goodies. What a fun treat to be the coordinator - I'll definitely keep this in mind in the future!

Unknown said...

This is great...:D