Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing in Leaves Card

Here's a sneak at my next card *and* next layout. I wanted to show a boy bear playing in a pile of leaves whilst mom/dad is raking. I remember doing that as a child! The card inside isn't completed yet, but it will be layers and leaves and such. The layout probably won't be up for two weeks due to a long weekend away.

I'll add another leaf or two near his left paw, I think. How do *you* like it?


Scrapishments said...

Susan, OMG! that turned out soo cute! I love the little pumpkin on the bear's shirt, and the leaves look awesome! It really looks like the bear is actually playing in a big pile of leaves! :)


ScrapHappyGal said...

So cute!! What do you use to fluff your bear?

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Hi ScrapHappyGal - Thanks for your kind words! I use tools from Kimm at The Beary Scrap.

Have fun!