Saturday, June 20, 2009

Custom-Ordered Sweet 16 Card

My sister and I had a booth at the Berlin Village Fair last weekend. We had a lot of browsers, a few sales and a custom order!

Here is the Sweet 16 card I made for a ballerina. Her aunt described her as very girly, loves pinks, does ballet, and a few other key things that helped me design this card.

I knew I wanted to make pointe shoes, and the size of the shoe dictated the size of the finished card. This was a blast to make, especially since I had a specific person in mind. I delivered it to the clients yesterday and they were so thrilled. Husband is a professional videographer and had Wife and I sit for a little interview. They are a nostalgic family and wanted their niece to "meet" the artist who made the card and have a keepsake video for years to come.

I was surprised with the interview, but didn't do too bad (I think!). At least I didn't get flustered and flushed. They will send a copy of the video, so we'll see!

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Luthien Thye said...

OMG!!! this is PERFECT susan :))) i know a group of my friends who are ballet teachers now (we use to do class and dance together professionally ) who would just die for this card!!! LOL! this is a real beauty! :))

hey :)) thanks for visiting my blog! and leaving that lovely comment with so much info :)) i'm just trying out cards cos i thought the d'flies would look nice as cards :) lol!and i know nothing about card making! but thanks for all the tips!!

luthien xoxoxo