Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Witchy Memorabilia Box

Hello friends! It's May and that means the Alpha Stamps design team is getting crafty with the  "Coins, Coasters, and Holders" May kit.

Let me tell you a story...

As I was poking through an abandoned house recently, I found a dusty container in a corner.  Excited and apprehensive, I carefully opened it.  There was a faint roar somewhere in the house.  Inside the container I found this witchy memorabilia box kept safe from time and space.

Of special interest to me were the ancestral photographs found in these pockets.  My favorite one os "love from beyond the grave", but I'm hoping no one visits me after disturbing the boxes hiding place...

I want to share a tip or the folders/pockets.  To give the perforated edges a more finished look, I painted with black gesso and allowed to dry.  I glued flaps together as needed and sanded the perforated edges with fine paper.  If any brown base showed through, I touched up with a little more black gesso.  Voila!

Please visit this Alpha Stamps link HERE for all my supplies.  Thanks for your visit!


Alpha Stamps Products Used
Ordre du Jour 8x8 Paper Pack
Dragon Claw Box Feet Set/4
Lion Head Handle
Swinging Hook & Latch Set
Vintage Dark Parchment Scrapbook Paper
Ceramic Raven Bead - Large
Black Zig Zag Dresden Borders
Thin Loop Dresden Borders
Artist Trading Coins - Set of 3
2.5 Inch Trading Coasters - Set of 3
3 Inch Dimensional Coin Folder
3 Inch Simple Pocket
3 Inch Wallet
Coins, Coasters & Holders Kit - May 2019
CS Magical Books #1 (Cauldron Favorites, Enchantments)
CS Witch Stock (4 witches, 2 child witches)
CS Spooky Cabinet Cards (skeleton love)
CS Dark Words ("love from beyond the grave")
CS Anatomy Gift Tags
CS Witchy Business (portraits)
CS Vintage Women (woman with glasses)


Vicki said...

Oh please, please, please!! I love this box!! Pick me!!

Anya said...

Love your witchy box discovery!!😱 A fun story and clever use of this cool kit. 👻💛

Vicki said...

Awesome box and cute story!!