Thursday, February 12, 2015

Work Table Wednesday (On Thursday!) - "Flights Of Fancy" Line

Hiya folks!

It's the day after what was supposed to be my second WTW post... Ha! Keeping myself honest, here is what my work table looked like yesterday. I'll give you a bit of a tour!

Click the pic for a larger peek)

If you recall a post from a few weeks ago, my new jewelry line is called Flights Of Fancy. Here I'm trying to get over a hump on what to do with the small necklace crescent in the front. I knew I wanted to use the leaves. I've bent the end around to the back and one of those birds will be added, along with a few other details. The challenge for me is to keep it simple. I'm so used to making highly embellished collage-type art!

To move around the table, the black clamps are THE BEST. If you have a Harbor Freight nearby, they are $1.99 each. If not you can find them at any hardware store. I used them to secure the leaves to the crescent while the super duper adhesive cured. THE BEST!

I now have a decent selection of filigree bases for my cagework and possibly this line. I could be content just shuffling filigree around on the table - it's so beautiful!

Ha! The large crescent was an embossing experiment with my Sizzix. I didn't get the result I wanted, so now it's just "textured". :)

The filigree on the paper towel in front started out as raw brass. I've colored the pieces with German Silver Guilder's Paste. I think this is my favorite color in the whole wide world.... until the next one comes along. I love working with and wearing both silver and gold, and this color is a nice blend of both. Guilder's Paste is a cool product that I've barely worked with; have you used it? I'd love to see your beauties -- leave a link in comments and I'll come visit you!

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Susan Bowerman, Woodside WireWorks said...

I have something I need to return to Harbor Freight…Looks like I'll be getting a few of those clamps! I am enjoying your journey, Susan. I look forward to your next blog post. Cheers!

L Mahaffey said...

Your desk looks productive and has lots of sparklies on it! Good eye candy. :-D