Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's Work Table Wednesday!

Hiya creatives! Remember my old "What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday" posts? I'm resurrecting that to keep you informed and me accountable... *ahem*

Needle Felted Heart Stick Pins

This week is all about stick pins - skull pins, Czech glass pins, vintage bead pins. The works! The needle felted heart pins above should've been in the shop a month ago.

Swarovski and Howlite Skulls, ready and waiting!

Swarovski skull stick pins in progress

I found great new caps (US made, of course!) that will add even more flair to the pins. They give a nice vintage feel, and in some cases -- like the front Swarovski skull above -- a gothic vibe. I love it!

This is my view this morning, plus Swarovski pearls that came out after the photo. See the cornflower blue beads? Those are cool vintage Czech pieces. Some have a givre effect (transparent glass fused over an opaque core), but it's more like a transparent random stripe. It's pretty cool.

That's all the show and tell for me today. It's time to get out of my pajamas, refill that coffee and get to work! I hope you make time to create today -- even if it's designing in your head. That counts, right? It does for me!

Thank you for visiting. As always, these will end up in the Etsy stick pin shop unless someone claims 'em first!


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