Monday, January 19, 2015

Lime Green and Gold!

Hello creative folks!

I want to share the first repurposed vintage* jewelry piece I made. All the beads had a former life, just not necessarily together.

The lime green and gold beads were on a Lisner multi-strand necklace, along with some interesting marbelized green ones (to be used later). The glass pearls were in a vintage log I purchased somewhere. I thought they were from my teenage jewelry box, but no. Those are still waiting for a project.

That lime green is almost exactly the same as my studio walls. Yup. Lime green inspires me!

Anyway, all the beads were wired by hand. I found a great tool to make the eyes -- called the Bead Looper. It's not perfect out of the box and did require some tweaking to get the eyes right, but it makes the job easier.

Here's an early planning photo. Changes were made to this design! I found that, much like my paper-based projects, it's better if I start with a very basic "outline" and just get going. Otherwise I spend too much time on planning. Plus, art of all kinds evolves as it takes form, right? That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I forgot to add the earrings! There are matching earrings, but I need earwires for them. I'll show them another time.

Thanks for visiting today! I'll be participating in a blog hop Friday for the B'Sue Boutiques Build-A-Line challenge. I'll be able to share my idea for this new line and share some of the components. It's pretty exciting! Oh, and it will not involve repurposed vintage* bits, so it will be very different from what you see today.

I hope your day is great!


*I really need to find a better way of describing this...

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L Mahaffey said...

Really, really pretty! I would wear this.
You are being very productive and inspiring!