Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tattered Florals Die

Hiya folks! I was looking for a large flat-ish black flower that would eventually be attached to a page and slipped into the front of an Avery 3-ring binder. I was really happy to find the Sizzix Tattered Florals die in my own stash. I forgot I had it!

I cut a variety of sizes on black and MME Lost & Found Halloween patterned paper, and crumpled lightly with my hand. I wanted a brownish glow on the flowers so spritzed with Tattered Angels Gimmer Mist in Vanilla Spice. After about 30 seconds I used a wadded-up paper towel to dab away the excess mist for a even "glow". On top of that I spritzed Pearl and dabbed that away, too. Leave them to dry completely.

Next, I wanted to grunge them up a bit so I grabbed black and brown paints. Using my finger I dabbed around the top edges. In this photo the black flower is already done, and I've done two petals on the flower close to my finger. The Glimmer Mist shows through the paint - cool!

After the black was done I used a bit of brown paint in spots, too. If the brown dried too thick I just dabbed a tiny bit of black on top of that. It all took just a few minutes.

Here's a completed flower on the panel. It gives texture without too much volume - exactly what I needed!

Since I haven't used the Glimmer Mists in a few years, I went to the Tattered Angels site to see what's new. There are some very cool mist colors and effects that I *need*!

This has been a fun project and reminded me to check around my own studio for forgotten tools - there's treasure on them thar shelves! Aar! (That's my best pirate voice... really.)

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Jessie Hawthorne said...

Hi there,
Wow this looks Great!!! The Frame, flowers and lace. What could be better? I ask you? Please show the rest of the framed picture. The skeleton is so cute.
thxs, Jessie