Saturday, January 5, 2013

It Has To Be Done

So here we are again, at tax reporting time. I'm not very good at regular record-keeping so I sit down here and there to catch up. I have to file a report with the state by the 20th so the ledger book is out again. As you can see, I haven't started filling in the blanks yet. I figure I'll have to switch to some spiffy software that promises to make my life easier, but for now I'll take pleasure with pencil on paper.

I pulled this mini album out yesterday to finish. It's been shuffled around the studio for months now, that it deserves completion and a new home. :) Don't you think?

What about you? Do you use spiffy software or go old school with pencil and paper?


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Maria said...

Hi Susan! I know it's too late, but I started using last year. It is amazing! For the most part, it's free, but I believe the tax reports are available with a paid upgrade.

As for your mini, from the tiny bit that I can see, it looks GORGEOUS and I hope you can finish it!! :) Happy New Year to you!