Monday, October 29, 2012

Alice In Wonderland

Hi folks! I'm finishing up my Grease-themed invitation order and will return to more paper-based bloggy fun soon (I can't wait to start Christmas cards!). I took a little time off to make 30 Alice-themed pins for a party. The crafty customer is making mini hats for the guests and will attach these pins along with other froofery. I'm dying to see photos!

Each pin has an Alice-themed charm!

I'll be scheduling tomorrow's post next. I'm over-the-moon excited to introduce you to my sister and her new blog. She's got crazy talent and mad skills all rolled into one wacky chick. :)

I hope everyone in Sandy's path stays safe. Maryland is under a State of Emergency and is a Federal Emergency zone. We're on the coast and even though neighborhoods around us are losing power, we still have it. The most worrisome part for me is that my dog won't go outside in the rain. *sigh* These big storms are tough on him.


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scrappymo! said...

Your pins are gorgeous!