Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's On You Workdesk? Wednesday #163

Hiya! Yes, I know, it's yet another post about my studio. *sigh* I have a couple of overdue posts in the queue but can't sit down long enough to finish them. They include stuff I've made as well as stuff other people made and sent to me {lucky girl}. 

Missed WOYWW last week *gasp* because I was in the THROES of throwing things out or shoving them into the hallway. You see, last Friday was the 4th Annual "Where Bloggers Create" kick-off (see this post if you'd like a long poke around) and I decided to spiffy up the joint, including the closet. It was scary, but everyone came out alive.

Right now, though, this is on my table.  

Yesterday I finished a sample for a potential customer. [Yes, I hate the ribbon, too... it's just a sample!] The card is based on one I made a while ago, which I dearly love. The order might include an album so I was playing around with ideas.

Since I didn't show this bit in the WBC post and it's the reason I missed you all last week, here's the closet.

Imagine all of those shelves filled high with a mish-mash of unidentifiable stuff. Now imagine that mish-mash all over the floor. Yep, that's how it was. I didn't touch the top shelf and the bottom still looks chaotic, but I  know what's there. The middle shelves are the important ones, containing shipping boxes and envelopes I don't have to dig for, stuff in my Etsy shops and ribbon to tie it all together.

If you stand on one foot, tilt your head to the left and squint you can see the original jukebox card on the bottom shelf. It's with all the other cards I can't bear to part with...

Thanks for visiting today! If you'd like to see more WOYWW  table tops visit Julia's Stamping Ground!



LiliansArt said...

coming from julias nice storage

Robin Panzer Art said...

the closet looks great! Happy WOYWW #125 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

kay said...

read your earlier post and your craft room is fab
kay #65

Shoshi said...

Really pretty papers, Susan, and I adore the spiffed up closet! I've got my eye on some shelving like that - I'm seeing it everywhere it seems, and I'd love to have it in my new ARTHaven when we eventually move house, and I can design my ceative space from scratch!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Susan,

I like the card and the ribbon on it. Those papers are great! Now, I'm impressed with that closet. I've taken things out of my closet then crammed them all back in due to company -- I just need to slowly go through things and get organized - once and for all. I'm going to check out your other organization posts!!! Maybe I'll get MORE inspired.

Kay #36

SandeeNC said...

going to go take a long look at your craft room, the closet is inspiring! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

Julia Dunnit said...

Well done, glad you got it done and it's all over for now! Bet once it was all over thefloor, you started to wonder why you were doing it!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Well girly...posts about our spaces are never too much for me! I love everything I see. Neat and organized. Sometimes, despite the inspiration, I feel like I have JUNK everywhere. :(

Thank you for visiting!

Big Hugs~Rebecca

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Oh, wow! I'm jealous of your clear and organized closet. You may have just motivated me to do something with mine. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Blessings!

Neesie said...

That is one classy closet's perfect ;D
I love your pretty paper and card too.
Thanks for popping over to my place earlier...see I'm even later than you (hehe)
Happy WOYWW! Neesie #13

Anonymous said...

That closet looks far too clean and under utilized! I'm sure you could get lots more stuff in there, lol! Thanks for your support and your great advice about Etsy, I'll definitely keep you in mind if we go that way!

Brenda 8

Sandy Trefger said...

Wow! Your closet looks wonderful! And those papers are yummy. Thanks for visiting my WOYWW last week. I think I answered your question about the Wobble Springs. :)
sandy's crafty creations