Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #146

Hellloooo, again. It's Wednesday which means snoop day! You know, the one where we get to have a peek at your desk and "Ooh...Ahhh" at your creativity. Or your storage. We like storage.

Me? I got a whole lot of nothin' going on. The other day I rummaged around at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (charity shop) and found some cool brass knobs and stuff.

My current work desk is actually the kitchen table, where I'm doing paperwork. *thump... headdesk* It's just me, last year's business receipts and Quicken. Joy.

You ask, "Why don't you just do it throughout the year, Susan?" I can't answer because I just passed out from the paperwork boredom.

If you want to have a poke with permission, cruise on over to Julia's Stamping Ground - she's the Master Snooper with the Master List. Join us! It's fun and a great way to procrastinate... *wink*



Maria said...

You know, I love seeing your desk so clean and organized ... that's how mine looks right now, too!! Those knobs are pretty cool - I'm sure you'll make something absolutely stunning with them!!

Anonymous said...

Great charity finds what are you going to do with them? Argh, paperwork, rather you than me!

Brenda 2

Anonymous said...

your desk looks very organised for sure, those knobs were a great find, I will join as a follower so I will seee what they become.

Rita said...

Very tidy desk indeed. What a fab find though, I love the handles. Hugs Rita xx

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I wish my desk looked as clean and tidy as yours, and I am fascinated to know what your are going to do with those knobs and things. Thank you for your visit today and your kind comments. Have a good week. xx Maggie #5

SandeeNC said...

paperwork boredon, HA! love it, I have 3 boring things to do and I keep putting it off....sigh....waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

505whimsygirl said...

Don't you love Habitat for Humanity charity shop! I have a little one about fifteen miles from me and a larger one around 40 miles away. You never know what you are going to see!


kay said...

i am intrigued to what you are going to do with the doorknobs :)

May said...

Have joined as a follower as I wish to see what you plan for the door-knobs and of course visit!! Happy WOYWW, Hugs May x x x No9

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Because doing it throughout the year sounds BOOOORING! And would drag the torture out too often. I get it! Will the doorknobs be something craft or used as actual doorknobs? Either is a great use of 'em! judy #134

trisha too said...

Ugh, paperwork, poor Susan!!!


debby4000 said...

Paperwork, yuck.

SophieNewton said...

I have a whole box full of useful knobs and handles picked up at DIY shops...I refuse to throw them away, just know they will come in useful for a craft project one day!!
Sophie no.88

Neet said...

Love those knobs you got. Now where did I put the wooden ones I had a while ago?
Thanks for the suggestion about my not being able to leave comments - you were bang on. Cheers.
Sorry I am so late in posting but I had one or two computer bloopers to sort out yesterday.
Hugs, and thanks for commenting on my blog.
Neet xx #4

Redanne said...

I hate paperwork too but love your tidy craft space and those great knobs. Thanks for the snoop. Anne #66

CraftygasheadZo said...

Great finds, hmmm paperwork the proverbial pain in the bum! Thanks for sharing this WOYWW, It's Thursday and I'm still snooping through the list! Take care Zo xx 22

Barb King said...

Oh, no, hate the paperwork! You will have to tell us next week what you are doing with those knobs.
Barb #106

Amy said...

I'm addicted to charity shopping at the mo, feel a little guilty buying old books just with the intention of ripping them up! Found a cute glass perfume bottle with a stopper yesterday for 50p. Love your tidy desk. Amy #140

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, I am one of the ones who does the paperwork as she goes along...but only becasue I've learned such harsh lessons in the past, and now my memory's rubbish....!! Whichever way, soonest done,soonest off to play again....I wonder how long those knobs will be unused!