Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hiya! I'm so happy today because the FedEx guy brought a package from my wholesaler that I didn't expect until Thursday. Now I have the Tropical Travelogue die cuts for the album I started yesterday. Phew! I'm pushing up against a deadline and now I gained a day. Yay!

I started pulling out embellies for this album and remembered it's "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?" So, this is it! A bunch of tropical colors and dreams of the beach. Ahhh. It's reaching 60 degrees today and almost 70 tomorrow. It's downright balmy in Maryland!

Happy day to you. Come join us at Julia's Stamping Ground for a peek at work spaces all over the world!



Karen said...

Good news that your package arrived a few days early for you. A lovely creative, crafty space :)

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

Linda said...

I love it when mail comes earlier than expected. We are enjoying this crazy weather too. I wish it would just pick a season and stick with it instead of changing back and forth. Happy WOYWW! Linda #99

Jo said...

Lovely looking desk!Cold, wet, and dreary here in UK!
Jo x

ScrappnBee said...

Woo Hoo! Got to love an early package...and the extra day to hit the deadline! Love the peek at the desk.Have a fabulous WOYWW! -Amanda 12x12 or 144! LOL!

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

As Oscar Wilde once said, there is only one thing worse than having your lovely crafty goodies delivered early... Not having your lovely crafty goodies delivered early! lol ;D

Lovely creative space!!! Happy woyww! Hugs, Joanna #94

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...that was a lovely unexpected surprise bet your day went with a real zing...have a lovely week...Mel :)

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

All ways fun to get great mail. Have fun with it.
In the 50's here, so I went for a long walk..this is unreal winter for Iowa. Happy WOYWW

VonnyK said...

Don't you just love it when the mail actually does arrive and early to boot.
Hope you get it all finished in time.
Von #38

scrappymo! said...

I like the look of the card on your desk and the colourful ticket strip (I think) beside it!

May said...

Lovely card on your desk, always great news to get crafty mail, Have fun, Hugs May x x x

scrappymo! said...

Sadly, the square jars are from Dollarama (my fave dollar store) but they don't carry them any more.

There was 3 sizes, those were the small that you saw stacked 2 high on my counter. The ones beside them almost as high as the 2 stacked, are the large. There was also a medium sort of half way in between.
I chose them as a square container takes up less space...tucks up close when you line them up and the top being the same size as the container means that they stack very sturdily.
I have around 40 or 50 of the large, a few of the medium and not enough of the smalls. I am trying to get another 20 or 30 smalls but all the stores I have been to have maybe one or two left and I buy them all.
They changed to a similar jar that is the same height as the small jars but is slightly wider. The lid is colored glass, I can't remember the exact colors...maybe a choice of blue, green or red.
Dollarama is all across Canada and almost everything is $1.25 Canadian. The very occasional thing is $2.00 but all these glass jars were the lower price.
On the off chance that I find a ton of them in my own search I could pick you some up...How many do you need? I am also right across the border and go down to Michaels in Bellingham Wa all the time so also could ship cheaply. US postage is sooo cheaper than ours.

If I find any, I will leave a comment on one of your posts.

I am so glad you asked me as I took the time to page through your blog and I am now your latest follower!

Sarah said...

My postie came too - I was having withdrawl symptons but and had left my new goodies with the neighbour! Enjoy your new stash! Thanks for letting us look in, enjoy WOYWW and your week, a late Sarah at 16.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Glad your package arrived, lots of fab goodies on your desk. Hope you enjoyed this week's snoop around the creative desks for WOYWW. I'm still nosing, I know it's Friday, but I will get to everyone! Take care Zo xx 81

Princess Judy Palmer said...

How nice that you gained an extra day on your project. That's a bonus. Tropic dreams sound nice right now. I hear it's a beautiful day out there today. I need to go check it out. My house stays chilly (good in summer, lousy in winter).